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Back in 2002 SMT Golf set its sights on creating the very best clubheads and golf shafts in the industry and we have proven that fact on the world stage every year since our inception.

SMT Golf is dedicated to using the absolute finest materials and state of the art testing facilities. SMT offers everything to you in component form for clubmakers or fully assembled built to your desired specs.

Golf Shops, Professional Clubmakers, Tour Pros, Hobbyists, Long Drivers and weekend golfers around the globe have discovered the secret of SMT Golf. In the following pages, we invite you to see what we have created to help you and your customers to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played. Download your SMT catalog and pricing, copy and print our awards page to hand out to your customers who are not familiar with the SMT brand, and enjoy the world of SMT Golf.

SMT Golf products... Now you finally can buy confidence.

SMT Current News
-SMT Golf Shatters All Time Distance Record And Takes Gold!
-SMT Golf adds Billy Casper's Orchard Valley G.C. To Its Portfolio
-SMT Golf Partners With Ruffled Feathers Golf Club.
-SMT Golf Debuts Their Golf Outing Services Division
-SMT Golf Asked To Perform At Wilmette Golf Course
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