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Indio Awards
Price: $145.00

The Indio, or as we call it here “the designers choice’, is quite unique in that it has turned out to be the “go to” clubhead for clubmakers and players alike, regardless of skill level.

The longest heel to toe measurement in the entire group of SMT heads, the Indio is so easy to line up and aim it is frightening. With a relatively shallow and sleek overall appearance, the classic pear shape and “old school” stone grey color makes your Indio driver a bit of a sleeper by modern standards, but rest assured, while the size of the head appears relatively small, the design of the head makes it appear larger than you first think.

The Indio sports a patented full double forged crown design, and there is no other club on the planet that has the high tech appearance of this titanium masterpiece. We were able to forge the crown piece on both sides, reducing the weight much like a composite crown driver, but still retaining the feel and sound of classic titanium that players of all levels crave.

We then found ourselves with some extra weight to play with and being that spin profile and launch angle are always on our mind, we mathematically formulated the deep groove sole pattern which hides the extra weight placement in a powerful and exciting appearance and at the same time reduces the loud sound that a titanium driver of this size normally would have.

The Indio is far and away the best feeling driver of the SMT line due to this unique design and center of gravity placement. This clubhead also affords the player with ease of trajectory needed to enjoy the game from the very first ball of the day.

While not a clubhead used in long drive competitions, we were blessed with a victory in our adopted Australia and proud to add the Indio to the rest of the list of successful drivers in the SMT Golf line.

You will find that your Indio will want to play higher than stated loft and will be softer feeling at impact regardless of ball chosen or weather conditions.

Try an Indio today, you will wish that summer would last longer.

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